Dayton Lodge has a long and proud history. This work was authored by WB James McCloud. The complete history is in PDF format, and can be downloaded HERE.

An update to this history, from 1997 to 2008 is available HERE.
Many thank to WB James McCloud for bringing this history up to date. A lot of research hours and a lot of work went into the creation of this update.

Petition for Membership

Remember, 2B1ASK1. Anyone may download this petition to become a member of any Lodge in Ohio. But there is much more than simply filling out a form to become a Freemason. You must meet certain criteria, and you must ask of your own free will and accord. Get the petition HERE.

Candidate Questionnaire
This is only for a candidate who has made a petition and is ready to answer these questions. Download this form if it applies.

Masonic Last Rites Form

Download this form, fill it out, and give to your Secretary for safe-keeping. As a Mason, this may be one of the most important documents you have. GET FORM HERE