Meritorious Service Award Members

redhat1The ‘Meritorious Service Award’ is conferred by The AASR “upon members who have attained the 32° and who by meritorious service of a Masonic character are deemed worthy of such recognition.”

Members are nominated by presiding officers of the bodies in a valley in the state. The presentation of the awards are made by the Illustrious Deputy or someone designated by him.

In the Valley of Dayton, the recipients of this award can be distinguished by the Red Cap worn at Scottish Rite functions.

What this means is, these brothers have gone beyond what is merely expected and given of themselves and their time to further not only Masonry, but humanity as well. We owe them a great debt, and the honor and respect that goes with this award.

Dayton Lodge Recipients *Indicates deceased



Raymond W. Thatcher – 1956
*Carl Olds – 1973
*Charles W. Tobias – 1989
*John E. Klump – 1993
Ralph L. Kettering – 1998
James R. Coleman – 2000
Charles Farmer – 2006
Donald Weir – 2008
Lewis E. Ross – 2011
Daniel D. Frye – 2016