Anti-Masonic Misinformation

Don’t Believe Everything You Read

The Internet is like the old west, in the sense that as a new frontier, there are few laws to govern relatively new ways to communicate. What this means is, just because someone writes something, especially on a web site, does not mean it is true. The Internet is the epitome of free speech.

If you are researching Freemasonry, you will find a excess of anti-Masonic sites. You will see Masons depicted as thinker1everything from the anti-Christ to a conspiracy to murder JFK. Anything that is evil has been, at some time, attributed to our fraternity. In a nutshell, this is simply not true.

When you stand in the checkout line at the supermarket, it is difficult not to glance at the tabloids. You see outlandish claims, Elvis living in Las Vegas, alien abductions, bizarre and ridicules yellow journalism. Some of the headlines are so ludicrous, they inspire a good laugh, and we go on our way, wondering how many people actually believe this.

This “checkout line” mentality is similar to anti-Masonic web sites. Almost everything you read on one of these sites is not true. The content is written by people who have never been in a Masonic Lodge, people who have an agenda to sell their own product by belittling Freemasonry.

Freemasons also have an agenda, in fact we have several. Foremost, we are a fraternity. Like other fraternities, we enjoy the fellowship of our Brothers. Then, we are charitable, not only to Masons, but even more to anyone who may need our help. Consider the Shriners Hospital for Children. Shriners are first, Freemasons. This is only one of a number of charities we either support or call our own. It is estimated that Freemasons give over 2 million dollars a day to charity.

We are men from every walk of life, men who are the exemplar of good moral character. Any man who commits a felony will be automatically expelled from Freemasonry. We believe in our country, wherever that may be. And we believe in the Brotherhood of man, with disregard for race, creed or color.

It is that simple. We ask that you see for yourself, think for yourself before accepting the ideas and concepts of others about Freemasonry. Finally, no matter what you read on the Internet, even here, examine it carefully, and make an informed decision. If you have any questions about Freemasonry please contact us HERE.