Dayton Golf League


For those interested in playing in the Dayton Lodge Golf League, you have come to the right place. According to WB Nick Krimm, “this is VERY non-competitive. You need not be very good at it (witness my participation). We have a great time.”

This is sponsored by and supported by Dayton Lodge, but all golfers do not need to be brothers. We have actually gained a few new members over the years from the league. So if you want to bring a friend along with you, check with Denny, there might be room for them.

IMPORTANT: Need to get count by Feb 15 – Contact WB Nick Krimm or Brother Denny Decker (See Below).


  • Where: The Kitty Hawk Golf Course
  • When: Tuesday about 4:00 pm – Starting in April and running through August
  • What: Nine holes
  • Contact: Brother Denny Decker – Phone 937.572.1314 or
  • WB Nick Krimm: Phone 937.233.8518 or

Contact these Brothers for any information not listed here.